How to be a fashionable mamma

In a perfect world, I’d love to dress up every day in something pleasant, or a fun dress but let’s face it. I’d have that gorgeous white pants suit on, but with kids in the house in front of me all day, my life has needs that I don’t want to ignore with what I put on in the morning.

Pretty much every mom could use a few tips on keeping it everything together, especially style-wise.

Don’t get scared budgeting mama. I hear you loud and clear.


Moms must-know fashion and beauty tips for looking great without much time or effort:


Build a wardrobe of style workhorses that you can rely on day in and day out. Pieces that look great on you, and work with each other. An easy pull-on pant (or a pair of jeans if you prefer), t-shirts or seasonless pullover sweaters, and a jacket you love (we love denim or a great blazer).

Jeans and a tee

Think there’s nothing chic about jeans and a tee? Think again. Since there are countless styles of jeans-including different cuts, washes and fits you can have jeans and tee outfit for every day of the week that’s completely unique. Try pairing some on-trend raw hem jeans with a printed silk tank top, for a sophisticated and laid-back look.


Borrow: Buying something for one event can be daunting, so borrow something fabulous from a friend. Remember: It's only one night.

Swap: If you have worn something a few times and you feel like it is on high rotation with the same work/social crowd, then swap with a friend for something new.

Sales: If you're strategic and vigilant (the best way is to sign up to all the retailers and designers you like) you can buy your dream wardrobe at anything from 50 to 80% off in the same season it was delivered. Times have changed.

 I follow a theory that spending too much time in front of the mirror is neither good for your style nor your soul, so I was well equipped by the time kids and work became the same equation. The one thing that has an effect is age, and it has slowly influenced and evolved my style each year. It's small and subtle, but everything is a little grown-up now. Quality is at the forefront, and I think more and more about where my clothes come from and how they're made.